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Monday 14 November 2011

A Highlight Reel

I have so many exciting things to share and recipes I need to post so bare with me as I try to bring this little blog of mine up to speed. I have taken this opportunity to add a few more pages to the blog, including 10 things you'd never guess, Contact Me and an About section that is as yet under construction.  I also added a page with info about my newest project The Kitchen Door Culinary Classes which is officially up and running.  I am so excited to be teaching in the kitchen again, so please feel free to check it out!  But first allow me to take you back in time to October, eek!

  • A friends wedding and Tricia the flower girl! She did great, not only did she sprint down the aisle, but she danced the night away and made friends with a hundred people. The best moment of the day? The removal of her diaper in the middle of the dance floor, thank goodness we've crossed over into the potty trained realm since the
  • Halloween: Tricia officially calls it "trickertreatin' to get the potty treats", she asked if she could go again just this past week...
  • Skin's game in TO with Ry and lots of Sunday football as a family of three.  Tricia says she loves football but she also naps through most of the game.
  • Christmas newsletter, there is a link for it at the top of this page
  • Thanksgiving in Maryland and Virginia Beach, first time meeting The Franks cousins! It was sooo much fun!
  • Eating snow. Lots of dirty sidewalk snow much to my chagrin... 
  • A new awareness of what it means to have a good vs. a bad attitude!  Tricia has been putting her babies in time out for bad attitudes ever since :)
  • Decorating the house and tree for Christmas. It is so fun to have our first child be old enough to share in the holiday fun and decorating together was a blast. So far there has been minimal damage to the ornaments and all the most delicate ones from Ry and my childhoods have been safely packed away for nostalgic purposes. They won't likely see the light of day for many years. Tricia will be getting a photo ornament with a little pic of the three of us as her first Christmas ornament, it's pink and purple of course!
  • Making a gingerbread house with mommy, again Tricia has coined it a "potty treat house".
  • Graduating from Sea Turtle at swimming lessons! We showed some major improvement from start to finish and can now do assisted swimming, lots of kicking, dunking and bubble blowing
  • Celebrating baby Jesus Birthday! On Christmas Eve Tricia told us not to "hit the baby Jesus" as he is "special".  Great point baby girl! Ha, the mind of a two year old!