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Saturday 30 July 2011

Living in the land of "Toddler-dom"

One of the things I admire about my dog Miley is the way she lives in the moment each and everyday.  I realize her perspective is limited.  She spends no time worrying (about anything) but rather takes each day and moment as it comes and reacts accordingly.  Well, the same can be said of toddlers.  I think if Tricia possessed the vocabulary she would have many comments.  I imagine she would say things like "Mother, what is this 'one more minute' you keep mentioning, I would prefer to go on the swing NOW!"  Likewise, a Popsicle or a pickle (both of which she pronounces "popky") she feels strongly should be "A legitimate food choice for breakfast, snack, bedtime or anytime."  She is not concerned with appropriate or typical behaviours but rather marches to the beat of her own drum in everything from appropriate behaviour in public to how to decide which outfits require a diaper and which do not.  Social norms do not apply in Toddler-dom.

I would like to entertain all of you lovely readers with a little list of occurrences I have witnessed in the last 2 weeks which give a clear and rather amazing glimpse into the realities of living in the land of Toddler-dom with all its joys and sorrows.  Warning: This list is in no way intended to discredit my daughters thoughts and feelings, or my own for that matter, but rather is a statement of facts and enjoyable memories....

Scene 1: Mornings
  • Changed outfits 8 times, settled on skirt, no top no diaper.  Peed in skirt, had to change again.
  • Morning is a great time to experiment with food choices.  Recent examples include pee water direct from the toilet bowl, hand soap, hand sanitizer, body lotion, toothpaste, chili oil, baby powder and lip balm
  • Yogurt obsession.  Would eat 5 yogurts if given the option.  Being allowed only one is a let down every single day.
  • Cereal is fine for breakfast though often milk and cereal are preferred separately.  Other days together is fine, you just never know.
  • Getting dressed is fun.  Getting dressed in mommies clothes is uh-mazing! Mom's fav look of Tricia's was a tank top with bra over top.  Tricia's favourite looks include anything with straps or beads or shiny fabric. see pics
Scene 2: Lunchtime
  • Eat what you can, don't stuff yourself, there will be snacks later.  Remember: Anything you don't want to eat can be put into the toilet bowl (container and all), mom takes care of it from there...
  •  Pickle Obsession - anytime please.  Sliced, whole, doesn't matter.  Please ensure they are sweet though, none of this dill business, "blah, yucky".
  • If you're starting to get tired during lunch, trying to climb onto  the table for a rest can work.  Just wait till mom gets up to go refill your ketchup supply (drinking it or spooning it direct to your mouth moves this along nicely) and then climb up!
Scene 3: Nap time
  • Always brush your teeth before a nap, that way you get to eat fruity toothpaste and play with water.
  • If having trouble falling asleep try climbing into the window behind the black out blind so you can see what is happening in the world beyond, just don't fall or get caught.  If you hear mommy and daddy coming, quickly dive back into bed and behave as if you would never dream of behaving poorly.
  • If still having trouble falling to sleep, quietly get out of bed, get some books, get back into bed and tear those books to shreds.
  • If still having trouble getting to sleep, bang your leg against the wall until your mother gives up on nap time.
  • Mother's Note:  most days options 1-3 will suffice and she out so hard she has to be woken up or she would sleep forever.
Scene 4: Afternoon playtime + Dinner
  • This is the time of day when mommy is making dinner so you can get into almost anything you want without being stopped since she is happy you are having some "independent playtime". Hah!
  • Find a purse and dissemble it.  Anyone's purse, anywhere, anytime.  Watch your bags ladies.
  • Pull all the clothes from the drawers you can reach.
  • Try skating with mittens on your feet.  Falling down is fun and so are fits of laughter.
  • Ask for some water or "wadey" and find a way to play in it, the tupperware cupboard is a good starting point.
  • Wander in the backyard and check to see if any gates have been left open, escaping is a blast, but make sure you sprint away cause mommy is fast and can see you from the kitchen window.
  • The gardens are full of dirt, try some, it's lovely for many things and can be put almost anywhere, including your mouth.
  • Miley is fun, but she is always sleeping in her crate, boring!  Lure her out with your snack then climb inside.  Just be careful you don't go in too far or you will need mommy to get you out.  Head first is the most fun FYI.
  • This is also the time of day when daddy gets home which is VERY exciting and he plays better than mommy by now so ask him for anything you have been wanting before mommy gives him the "update".
Scene 5: Bath time and Bed
  • After dinner walks are great.  Though sometimes mommy and daddy try things like road safety training at this time and that is not ideal.  You can trick them though by standing on the curb, announcing that the road is "No TOUCH!, STOP!, noooo." and then they relax long enough for a jaunt down the road.  Daddy's face gets red when he catches you and he is very stern, but that passes.
  • Bath time is the best time.  We sing "wash wash wash, scrub scrub scrub".  Soapy is fun.  Toys are fun.  Splashing daddy is fun and "powdy" (baby powder) at the end is the best part, though it doesn't taste good.  Who knew?
  • Truly a Franks, at bedtime excitement levels sky rocket and everything becomes hilarious.  Toppling over is funny, running into a door is funny, being upside down is funny, sprinting down the hall naked is funny and mommy and daddy trying to calm things down is the most funny of ALL! 
  • To avoid going to bed, try asking for a snack, or milk or another book or another book or escape from your room and run around the house as fast as possible.

In the land of Toddler-dom time is of no consequence.  The focus is on the activity of the moment.  Identify your feelings, identify your thoughts.  Be aware of your bodily functions and hunger.  Attempt to exchange water for anything else (even mommy's coffee liquor used for baking only).  When frustrated turn beet red and let folks around you know you are displeased, it's likely their fault anyway.

Can I just say I LOVE BEING A MOM?!!  Not even the worst tantrum can take the joy out of parenting such a vibrant and delightful tiny human being.  Thank you Lord for your good and perfect gifts.  Also Heavenly Father, just please help Tricia learn road safety before her father has a heart attack!  Amen.


  1. Katie,,,your blog is adorable! I can't wait to hear all your joys and trials with a busy little lady! Our girl is wild and only one...hopefully I can learn some tricks from Tricia before Elle is old enough to try them!

    You guys are wonderful parents and perfectly picked by God to raise this little muchkin!


  2. Thank you for such a cute and candid description of parenting so far for you! She is darling. I'll have to show Stephanie this when she gets home. See you in just a couple weeks!

    -Franks South

  3. I suppose we owe you an official Welcome here in the land of Toddler-dom.


    Please note, that you may slip as there are many unidentifiable slimy puddles.

    We hope you enjoy your stay!!

  4. Yes, who can predict the fits? Abby now throws herself flat on the floor, forehead and all, when I tell her she's done brushing her teeth.

    But thankfully along with the fits come the random fits of giggles which are the best sound in the whole world and are just us unexplainable...a silly noise, a funny face.

    It's a roller coaster! I'm so excited to be on it with you!

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