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The Kitchen Door Culinary Classes

with chef Katie Franks.... "I have always loved to eat and share food with those I love. The power food has to bring folks together is astounding. Not only does cooking allow a connection to the food itself but serving and eating in good company bring a soul connection one is hard pressed to find elsewhere. Food should never intimidate. It should be a communal experience. We all need to eat, cooking together and having some fun makes the meal worth remembering!”

All classes are designed to offer aspiring cooks of every level a hands on approach to learning and creating! With an emphasis on developing new skills through experience, classes are offered to groups both large and small. You are very welcome  to ask about customizing your event. We are located in Guelph Ontario.

Class Selection:

Indian Cuisine
Level: Beginner

By popular request this class brings you the classic dishes we have come to love with a focus on understanding the basics of Indian flavour development. Learn how to build your own curries to suit your friends and family as well as how to create all the extras for an authentic Indian Feast!

Level: Beginner

Learn the basics of the amazing art of this Japanese cuisine. Literally Sushi means "seasoned rice" and offers so much flexibility and as little raw fish as you desire...

Appetizers for  
Level: Beginner
A fun class full of user friendly recipes with an emphasis on quick dishes perfect for your next gathering! Perfect for the aspiring party planner or for rounding out anyone's repertoire. This class also includes some quick and easy sweets for parties or dessert on the fly...

Asian Cuisine 
Level: Beginner

Come and learn why this Southeast Asian cuisine is both the most flavourful food and some of the freshest. You will learn about some of the basic ingredients you need, where to buy them and how to transform them into flavours that will forever change the way you cook.

French Cuisine
Level: Intermediate

Learn how the basics of building flavour through simple cooking techniques can enhance any meal. Taking great ingredients and focusing on technique and seasoning this 2 menu class offers something for everyone.  

Mexican Fiesta
Level: Intermediate
When we think Mexican food, we often think of Tex Mex, the hybrid between Mexican and American cuisines... this class is all about Authentic Mexican, the real deal.  Focusing on the fresh salsa (sauce), incredible mole and the amazing power and variety of the Chile Pepper! Its a Flavour Fiesta...
Pastry Made 
Easy (pies and tarts, 
sweet and savoury)
Level: Beginner
Though it may seem daunting Pastry truly is much simpler than you think and anyone can learn the art. Come and see how pastry makes an incredible base for dishes both sweet and savoury!

Grilling 101
Level: Beginner

While BBQ and grilling are an ancient form of cookery, there is so much to know!  This class is designed to inspire and challenge cooks at every level.  Vegetarians welcome.

Southern Fare
Level: Beginner

Grits, Gumbo and proper fried chicken are just a few of the dishes we learn in this authentic Southern States focused class. Come and see why this food from our southern neighbours is so famous!

Level: Beginner
Coming soon, this class theme features some of the healthiest and most flavourful food in the world. In this class we will try to touch on many of the significant cooking techniques and flavour combinations found in this part of the world.


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    1. Thanks Lina, We are literally having the time of our lives! We would love some Lina time... also, I would LOVE to see you at one of these classes, we have been talking about cooking together for WAY too long :) lots of love to you, xoxo

  2. Hi Katie,
    The corporate cooking lesson you led for us in December 2011 received nothing but rave reviews and requests for repeat events. We complete group social events on a regular basis but none have resulted in the attendance and overwhelming positive feedback as your session.
    Thank you for your professionalism, sense of humour, and for sharing your love of cooking and food with us!
    We will definitely be repeat customers in the near future.
    Kirsti MacAulay

  3. Hey Katie do you have a schedule for the classes? I'd love to be kept up to date with what's coming up. Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you for your interest! The schedule is beginning to take shape for the spring with a mix of private and public classes. The next open class is March 8th - Quick and Easy Meals. If you would like to send me an email at I will happily include you in emails as classes become available :) Hope you're well, K